The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home limits personal visitors to the workplace and requires employees who sponsor any visitor (for personal or business reasons) to abide by all policies, procedures, and guidelines issued by The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home.

Managers and employees are responsible for adherence to company policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


this policy provides for the safety and security of employees, residents, company facilities and other property by maintaining safety standards and protecting TMKCH and personal assets against theft and misuse. Further, it limits potential distractions and disturbances in the workplace.

this policy applies to all employees of The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home and its participating subsidiaries who are based at any other locations. 

Visitors include all persons who are granted access to TMKCH premises, including, but not limited to employees, contractors, clients (resident’s families), employees' acquaintances, friends and family members, regardless of whether the purpose of the visit is for business or personal reasons.


 For personal visitors, employees must obtain approval from direct supervisors or line managers each time they invite a visitor into the workplace. The supervisor has responsibility for enforcing this policy and ensuring that visitors (regardless of whether they are TMKCH employees) stay for only limited and non-disruptive periods of time.

 In accordance with local national security procedures, all non-employee visitors entering the Margaret kistow children’s must check in with reception (or security) and may be required to wear a visitor's badge and register any property brought into the building (e.g. Mobiles and any other exhibits). Employees who have invited guests are responsible for escorting non-employee visitors to their destinations and for accompanying them at all times. Employees are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Upon observing an unescorted non-employee visitor or a visitor (employee or non-employee) acting inappropriately on TMKCH premises, employees must immediately notify security or management.  

 Visitors should be aware that unauthorized animals are not permitted in any area within the workplace, including parking lots. 

ZERO TOLERANCE RULES AT The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home:

1. No weapons such as knives, guns, bats or anything to cause grievous bodily harm to employees, residents or to any person. (there is a zero tolerance for weapons of any kind and a report must be made to the police and a receipt of report along with a statement must be entered on the daily diary log of TMKCH. If in relation to a resident, a copy must be presented on file and the responsible authorities that represent the resident must be notified.)

2. Visitors of residents at the home must be processed (searched and sign visitors log) and get clearance by management before being allowed to see any resident

3. All visitors are not allowed beyond the main reception area. No visitors are allowed to enter any other areas of TMKCH which includes bedrooms, kitchen, bath areas and private areas. This is in violation of the privacy standards set out in the children’s authority act and also a violation of the child protection policy of The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home.

4. Any visitors visiting any residents at TMKCH must be supervised from a distance and only in seating if requested by the agency that is responsible for said resident.

5. No visitor is allowed to speak or question any resident or employee on personal and private matters relating to The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home. If this occurs, an incident report must be done and filed along with incident logged in the daily diary book.

6. All visitors and employees must dress in accordance with the standards set out in the notification board at the front of the residents. Failure to comply, visitors would be ask to leave.

7. No alcohol is allowed on The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home promises. Failure to comply, visitor would be ask to leave.

8. No illegal substances such as marijuana (weed) cocaine or any type of substance is allowed on the compound of The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home. If such occurs, a report must be made to the police along with an incident report written and also filed in the daily diary book. All managers must be informed of such. If in relation to a resident or visitor of a resident, an incident must be filed in said resident folder.  

9. No smoking is allowed on The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home compound.

10. No bad behavior or language is allowed on TMKCH compound. Any such behavior, the person must be ask to leave.

11. No parking of vehicle/s is allowed to block any entrance of TMKCH. Is such occurs, it would be in violation of the health and safety policy and vehicle/s would be towed away.

12. All visitors are required to sign a visitors log book before proceeding.

13. All visitors must be informed of their rights in requesting a voucher or receipt. If one is needed, if can be provided on spot or can be mailed to address if one is given and also can be emailed if email address is provided.

14. All visitors are required to use visitors entrance gate. If main gate is required, permission must be given by management before proceeding.

15. Before leaving compound all visitors must sign out if requested and search.

No visitor is allowed to leave with any resident unless clear and written direction was given from management.family members; physical bullying; verbal bullying; teasing; and harassment).

People who will be required to abide by these policies include: anyone that is in contact or have dealings with the TMKCH.

Child protection officer (CPO)

The (CPO) has the main responsibility for managing child protection issues within TMKCH.