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The Margaret Kistow Children’s Home


The home was founded in 1987 by former nun Margaret Kistow. It was initially a day care for working parents and single mothers, however after an intense prayer meeting one day, Margaret got a ‘prophecy’, and was inspired to open the home. Not long after, the young nun, only in her 30’s at the time, was asked to care for the home’s first child. Fast-forward to over 3 decades later, and the Margaret Kistow Children’s Home has helped well over 100 children. There are approximately 2 – 3 dozen children at any given time, so the humble Arima sanctuary depends heavily on donations from well-wishers.

Margaret has been recognized many times for her unwavering commitment, big heart and extensive humanitarian efforts. Along with the home’s dedicated Director, Mr.Xerxes Y.Z Seales, Margaret works tirelessly to ensure that the children have a strong moral foundation, and remain heavily focused on their education. This does not in any way detract from the kids being very well rounded,as proven by their continuous winning streak at various annual sporting events.